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Warnex Zrt.

Warnex group was established more than 20 years ago in 1996. The company mainly imports different products from Europe and sells them in Hungary.
Our buyers are multinational companies, DIY stores, hypermarket chains, technical shops, service men, as well as private individuals and end users. The headquarter of our company is in the 2nd district in Budapest but the purchasing, marketing, financial and sales department is also located next to our warehouse in Törökbálint in the Depo Logistic Park.
Despite of the harsh situation in the Hungarian markets our company could increase sales and revenue in the past few years because of the wide selection of products we offer to our clients. We always adapt our strategy and products according to the needs of the people whose satisfaction is the most important factor to us.
The guideline of Warnex Zrt. is: High quality, reliable products at affordable prices.

Our products

Our company offers mainly heating products (stoves, cookstoves, fire places, boilers, radiators, convectors, pellet stoves), cooling products (air conditioners, ventilators) and home appliances ( gas/electric cookers, washing machines) for wholesale companies, DIY stores and retailers.

Our partners

Our main partners are the DIY stores (Obi, Praktiker, Bauhaus), hypermarkets (Tesco, Metro, Auchan), wholesaling companies, smaller installers and retailers and online shops.

Our markets

We mainly buy products from manufacturers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Czech Republic. We also buy stocks from different European countires like Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland or Austria.

We sell most of our products in Hungary however our export activities are increasing year by year and we currently we sell products to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria and Romania as well.

Our location

We are located in Depo logistic center in Törökbálint which is 10km from Budapest. Our headquarter, offices and warehouse are all located in Depo. We also have a showroom in the warehouse where most of our products are exhibited.

Company name: Warnex-Global Magyarország Zrt.

Headquarters: 2045 Törökbálint, Raktárvárosi út 1-3

Warehouse: 2045 Törökbálint, Raktárvárosi út 1-3

EU Tax nr: HU26213075